Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fr Damien Documentary

Well, I have been busy writing the script, interviewing priests, contacting archives, going through stock footage libraries, and recording for the Documentary on the life of Fr. Damien entitled, "Damien Making a Difference, God Making A Saint".

Post Production has begun and I'm hoping to have something complete within 2-3 weeks.

Here is some info on the documentary:

The story is being told in 3 Parts:

  1. Damien Voiceover (taken directly from his journal writings, letters to parents, family, bishops, congregation, and board of health (performed by Tom Wilson- standup comedian, Biff from Back to the Future, Spongebob)
  2. Narration (by Mike Laponis, Radio/Broadcast Professor, University of La Verne)
  3. Commentary/Teaching (3 Sacred Hearts Priests)

The purpose of the video is to have the story of Damien told from the perspective of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts (the order Damien belonged), reflecting on the Congregation mission statement, while expanding on the ideas behind Damien's own words. The theme of the documentary is the Touch of God and how it transforms impossible situations, bringing gifts and blessings, as well as suffering and the cross.

Using Damien's life as an example of the Touch of God, this video will be a tool in defining:

  1. the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts
  2. the passion that the individuals of the Sacred Hearts bring beyond the apostolic role
  3. the understanding of some Catholic faith ideology, within the context of the Charism of the Congregation of the Sacred hearts (such as Blessed Sacrament, Adoration, Eucharist, Confession)
  4. Understanding the call and listening when God tries to touch us
It's been inspiring to work on. Everyone has come together and the pieces have fallen easily into place. Today we recorded the Damien voiceover with Tom Wilson. Great session! Very professional and brought Damien alive! I can't wait to start laying it out on the timeline with the visuals. Very busy 2 weeks I have ahead of me.

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