Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few things, quickly

"From the Page to the Stage" live performance is now over... and I have the video done! It's mastering right now and tomorrow I will be making the duplications. Each cast member will receive a video.

The preschool video, "The Pieces of Our Puzzle", showed at the event last Saturday and went over very well. They are selling copies of the video as a fundraiser for the school.

I have been asked to work on a Packard transformation video that should be beginning in 2 weeks or so. I am going to begin working on this year's DVD talk series for Fr. Barry... have to come up with a theme for the opener...hmmm... In a few weeks, I'll be shooting interviews in Massachusetts for the Sacred Hearts fundraising video.

Green Screen Update: I shot the high school cast members of "From the Page to the Stage" on green screen as well as the preschool kids. With the preschool, I used a lighting kit and was able to backlight their hair, which made for a better key than the high school. Due to time contraints, I had to use existing stage lighting for the girls faces, and a backdrop special for the green screen, but had no lights for back lighting. The key was less than perfect, but worked fine for what I used it for. I opened the video up with a montage that showed each girl and their name.

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