Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tech Week

Well, it's tech week for Starlight Serenade, From the Page to the Stage. I'm production Supervisor and head choreographer. The show is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's coming together really well. The show is a musical journey through the library as 3 high school students learn how literature inspired songs and musicals. We have a cast of 65 and 19 musical numbers. Today's rehearsal went very well and we should be set by Thursday.

On Wednesday, I am shooting each high school cast member on a green screen for the memory video. The performance is being shot with 4 cameras - 3 on tripod and one steadi-cam roaming. I will edit the footage together for the memory video and also include a chapter entitled, CAST, where each cast member is featured with their name, set to instrumental music, and keyed over an animated background.

I am also turning over the High School Literary Magazine duplication DVDs that I have been working on. I have them complete and can give them to the school tomorrow.

The preschool video editing should be completed tomorrow moring. By Wednesday, I should have the duplications done for the preschool, as their fundraiser is this Saturday, where the video will play during dinner.

Big week for me... and then I can breathe again next Sunday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PIP Update

Lots of stuff is going on!

Editing is finished on National Charity League and beginning on the PreSchool Memory Video. I'll be working on three large duplication jobs next week. The musical I'm producing/choreographing is at the end of the month. I'm in pre-production for a corporate promotional video and sound demonstration for PerTronix, Inc, which could be designed, shot, and edited by the end of the month!

May will be spent updating and increasing my stock footage library, working on a DVD talk series, and editing the musical video together. I'll be prepping for the shoot in Massachusetts, which takes place the first week of June.