Monday, March 9, 2009

Current Projects - March 2009

One reason for starting this blog is keep it up-to-date with current projects I'm working on.

National Charity League (NCL)- Senior Presentation Video

I am in the middle of a large project I do every year at this time. NCL seniors have a presentation in April. So, each girl writes a letter to her parents about their relationship, experience in NCL, and other thoughts as she gets ready to graduate. Each parent writes a letter to their daughter. We record the letters in studio, privately, one-at-a-time. We edit the letters together with music as a background and then palce graphics, text, and photos of each girl growing up.

I also edit a 60-90 second logo loop for the video screens during the rest of the event that contains a looping animated background, the theme, a 3D animation of their logo, and event information.

The final thing I do for them is create a dinner photo montage that loops to be played while they eat, that contains all the photos of the last 6 years of the senior girls' experience throughout NCL and the charity events they worked on.

Pre-School End of Year Video

Next week, my husband and I are shooting 65 pre-school children on green screen to be used in an end-of-the year memory video. I am planning on having each kid dance, wave, and smile for me on the green screen. I will then key out the background and replace with an animated looping background, add the kids names in fun new fonts I just purchased, and lay down some fun and cute kid music.

The Horton Family Anniversary Party

I am almost ready to begin post-production on a 2 camera shoot that we did for an anniversary party that had guest speakers, testimonials, and a live performance.

Starlight Serenade High School Musical (Choreography and Production Supervisor)

I am in the middle of rehearsals for a musical that I am Production Supervisor and Head Choreographer on. The show takes place in a library and takes the audience through music and musicals that were inspired by literature. The show and rehearsals are run "workshop" style, with auditions in December and the show in April/May. The all-girl cast has 3 months of voice class and dance class, where they learn about performance and are trained in the two disciplines for the live performance at the end of the semester. Alll girls who audition are placed in the show, based on level. I will also shoot the show with a 4-camera set up and edit a memory DVD that will cover auditions, rehearsals, tech week, and the show.

Sacred Heart Fundraising Video

I am in the pre-production phase of a fundraising video that will take me to Massachustes, where I will shoot a series of 10-12 interviews. The subject of the video is missionary work in India, Texas, the Bahamas, and Molokai, as well as a brand new Retreat House in Massachustes. A photographer has already traveled to the locations and have shot 4000 photographs of the missionary work that is being done. A videographer is currently gathering video footage and I am traveling in June to get the interviews done. I will then compile all of the footage in a final video with a tentative completion date of Sept. 1.

Fr. Damien is Named A Saint

On October 11, 2009, Fr. Damien will be canonized a saint in Rome by the Catholic Church. I have been contacted by the Sacred Heart priests (Fr. Damien was a priest in this order) to edit a video of the life of Fr. Damien. In January, we shot footage in Molokai, where Fr. Damien lived and worked among the lepers. Once a script is given to me and old footage is gathered, I'll be compiling the footage into a video.

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