Thursday, October 8, 2009

Production Notes

Included with documentary is a production note, which I would like to write here, as well.

In it the opinion of the producers of "Damien making a Difference, God making a Saint', that the photo often depicted of a young Damien, in religious habit, holding a cross and wearing glasses is not Damien, but in fact, his younger brother Pamphile, and is used as such in this video. See below for photos. Note the hairline, jawline, nose, eyes, and lips. Also note that Damien is never shown with glasses until the later part of his life, except in this one photo, which we believe is Fr. Pamphile. Fr. Peader Cronin, in his research on the Commemorative Booklet for Canonization of Fr. Damien discovered what he believes was an error a long time ago and has been repeated throughout the years. (click on photos to see it larger)

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